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Berrien Broadband Request for Proposals

Oronoko Broadband Final Map

Subrecipient Agreement 5-18 DRAFT

Questions submitted by and answers provided to potential bidder; posted July 15, 2022:

Category: Network Construction Standards

  1. Why does the Township require all routes and equipment sites to be surveyed by a licensed surveyor?  This applicant conducts all of its own surveying either in-house or with contracted employees using high-quality high-accuracy GPS collection equipment.

Answer: We don't see a problem with using an in-house surveyor as long as a detailed map is provided at the end of the project.

  1. Is the Township willing to compromise on “repair any and all damages to private property”? This applicant currently repairs landscaped areas, however, we do not hold ourselves liable with repairing other unkept areas on the property, unmarked private electric or communication lines, or private unmarked field drainage tiles.

Answer: Within reason, we don't believe this should be an issue.  Unkept areas on the property probably don't need to be repaired, however we would appeal to a contractor's best judgment to make things right in the event an electric, communication, or tile line is damaged during construction. 

Category: Network Test and Acceptance Standards

Simulated End User Testing/Leased Capacity

  1. Is the Township willing to accept USAC testing standards (as required by award winner in the FCCs RDOF auction) instead of the RFC 2544? This applicant will be proposing to offer Gigabit bandwidth speed within the Township, but as the FCC has acknowledged with the USAC testing criteria, speed tests will not show a full Gigabit for residential or business applications.

Answer: The RFP specifies RFC 2544 “or equivalent”.  We believe that as long as the USAC testing standards (whatever they are) measure speed and latency similarly, it should be sufficient.


All registered voters in Oronoko Charter Township will receive a new Voter ID card indicating changes to Federal, State and County districts as the result of the 2021 Census data information.   We are required by law to mail voter ID cards to all voters at the address listed in the Qualified Voter File. Please reference: MCL 168.499(3)

If you receive a voter ID card for someone who no longer resides at your address, please return it to the Township.  If possible, please provide any information (new address/location etc.) that you may have on that voter.

If you have any questions, please contact the Township Hall office by phone: 269-471-2824 or send an email to

Date: November 8, 2022 – State General Election

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