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Request for Proposal to Purchase Fire Equipment


August 19, 2019

 The Berrien Springs Oronoko Fire Department is requesting pricing for the following items listed below. Pricing shall include shipping to Berrien Springs Oronoko Fire Department, 4411 E. Snow Road, Berrien Springs, Ml 49103. Bids must be submitted by 4 P.M. on September 3, 2019 to the above address. Bids will be opened at 4:30 P.M. on September 3, 2019.

 Pricing shall include necessary training and delivery prior to September 26, 2019.


Selected bidder will supply the following Fire Fighter Training Props:

 -       (1) Ceiling Prop: Aluminum overhaul training prop. Durable, lightweight and portable. Will need to be capable of having ½" drywall or OSB inserted for training.

 -       (1) Roof Prop: Peaked or Flat Roof capable, 8X8 with replaceable 2X4 rafters. Must be modular with the Ceiling Prop or used as a Stand Alone.

 -       (1) Re-Bar Cut Station: Three directional re-bar cutting prop to gain saw proficiency. Must have chain, cable and padlock capabilities.

 -       (1) Garage Door Prop: Modular with ceiling prop or used as a stand­ alone. Training the firefighters how to cut garage door, corrugated steel or any material available to gain technique and skill.

 -       (1) Sprinkler Prop: Piping and sprinkler heads made specifically to fit in the ceiling prop to teach safe operation and how to control water flow.

 -       (1) Material Cut Jig: Bolt on jig to help make preparing consumable material for all overhaul training. Must be 16" on center.

 -       (10) Quick Stanchions/Partition Brackets: Lightweight aluminum brackets to allow creations of mazes, change room layouts or add obstacles to training. Any size plywood up to 5/8", and can use any length.

The Berrien Springs-Oronoko Fire Department reserves the right to accept any bid, to reject any or all bids, or to make the award in any manner the Fire Department believes to be in its best interest.

 Questions or additional information may be provided by calling Captain Corey Burks, between 9 A.Mand 12 P.M EST. 269-473-3731 or email:


Bruce A. Stover, Chief

Property Assessment information is now available!

Property assessment information is now available to view online through our service provider, BS &A. Building Department information as well as Property Tax information will be available on the site as well. Click here to get started.


All registrations are due by August 30, 2019.  Late registrations of the RSVP Ordinance No. 101 will be subject to a fine of 50 percent of the registration fee the minimum fine being $100.

Question and Concerns: Click here to email Chief Bruce A. Stover

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